We invite you to the ICPR2017 conference

We invite you to the conference ICPR2017 (24th International Conference on Production Research, New Challenges for Production Research) (http://www.24icpr2017.put.poznan.pl/), which focuses on systems and production processes. In particular, we recommend plenary lectures:

prof. A. Kusiak - Smart Manufacturing, prof. D. Spath - Industry 4.0 - Enabling Agile Production of the Future, prof. C.Y. Huang, prof. S. Y. Nof - Cyber Physical Production and Resilience, prof. C. H. Dagli - Architecting Cyber-Manufacturing Systems. At the same time, we invite you to talk to our colleague Dr Eng. Bartłomiej Gładysza:

Wireless technologies for lean manufacturing - a literature review, An approach to RTLS selection.