About Us

System Integrator - RFID technology HADATAP is a Polish company developing competitive integrated solutionsfocused on risk reduction inmanufacturing processes, logisticschains and business facilities. We are an active integrator, able to render measurable help in realization of planned return of investment.

We use software of recognized global companies as well as our own, dedicated to specific business environment. We also deliver hardware needed for realization of actions entrusted to us, and were it is possible we try to use existing infrastructure. The whole solution is subject to service.

Our competence is above all practical knowledge embracing the majority of functioning ERP systems and significant experience in problems solutions located in production and storage logistic processes.

Our leading team is composed by proven managers and consultants, having many years of experience in work in IT areas in industry and distribution for companies offering ERP solutions, where their led implementation works also in big foreign companies.

We specialize in RFID applications, building applications for improving our clients’ ERP, WMS and other systems, adding dedicated software solutions containing all necessary interfaces.

As far as RFID technology we collaborate with many well known companies, such as: Mojix, Impinj, Omni-ID, Trimble, Smartrac, Confidex and many others suppliers of RFID equipment.

We are a member of EPC Global and Dash 7 organization.

We maintain contact with leading academic and scientific units from Poland, USA and Germany.