RFID in Trade Business

Do you want to organize the opaque process of goods delivery and have control over the condition of warehouses and stores? Implement RFID in your company. This is a technology that will help you control the supply and security of goods in the distribution center and sales points, and provide customers with a pleasant experience with the company.

Application of RFID in retail chains

  • Stock level control – you can check the current stock level at any time, thanks to which you will provide your customers with real information about the availability of products and goods.
  • Process automation - you will improve the process of accepting and issuing orders and speed up the inventory of warehouses and stores, thus shortening their duration and reducing costs.
  • Loss minimization – you will minimize the so-called lost sales, because you will have current access to resources and will replenish the warehouses in advance.
  • Order quality control – you will prepare orders in line with customer expectations, because you will organize the product identification process in the entire supply chain;
  • Availability monitoring – you will gain simple insight into the availability of products in various sales channels.

Application of RFID in the retail industry

  • Automation of inventory and deliveries - you will provide customers with information about the current condition of the product, as well as shorten the time of warehouse receipts and deliveries in distribution centers and receipts in stores.
  • Increased security – you will use effective anti-theft solutions (anti-theft gates), while reducing expenses for securing products.
  • Personalization of the offer - you will receive reports from which you will learn about purchasing trends among customers, thanks to which you will adapt the brand's offer accordingly.
  • Customer comfort - you will provide customers with comfortable shopping thanks to the use of self-service checkouts in the store that use automatic product reading using RFID tags;
  • Order fulfillment control – at any time you can control the flow of goods from the supplier to the warehouse and on the way to the store or customer.

Application of RFID in jewelry

  • Quick inventory - using a handheld scanner, you can quickly inventory valuable items without removing them from display cases or cabinets (you can scan up to over 100 pieces of jewelry per second!).
  • Better customer service – you will regain staff time by automating various processes, so that employees can better focus on customer service.
  • Increased security - you will gain permanent protection of your products against theft, which can only be removed by an employee using a deactivator mounted on the counter.
  • Inventory control – you will reduce warehouse shortages and excess inventories, which in turn translates into faster and better fulfillment of customer orders and avoidance of losses.
  • Personalization of the offer - you will get access to reports from which you will learn what items customers look at, how often, for how long, which ones they never buy and which ones they ignore.