RFID in Logistics

Do you manage a large assortment: do you receive goods, store them and send them to customers? Do dozens of delivery vehicles move around your logistics center every day? Improve your distribution processes with RFID technology. With radio wave identification systems, you will organize your company's documentation, ensure continuity and timeliness of deliveries, and take care of every detail of your operation.

Application of RFID in container terminals

  • Terminal parking management – you will efficiently identify vehicles at key points (gates, docks, scales, etc.).
  • Process automation – you will gain additional working time by automating the weighing of vehicles at the exit gate and the inventory of warehouse and loading yards.
  • Load tracking – after connecting the RFID system with GPS, you can easily find a specific delivery vehicle with cargo.
  • Control of the quality and correctness of loads - you will minimize the risk of errors during loading thanks to accurate data read from RFID tags.
  • Management of delivery vehicles – you can tag delivery vehicles and thus gain access to their most important parameters (e.g. body number, order number, production date, etc.).
  • Toll tracking – you will quickly and easily find out about the fees charged to vehicles and prevent illegal presence in the terminal.

Application of RFID in courier companies

  • Inventory automation – you can easily and quickly inventory the warehouse with shipments to be delivered.
  • Time saving – you will save time by automating warehouse receipts and issues as well as the parcel delivery process.
  • Quality control – you will increase the accuracy of reading logistics labels to 100% thanks to the use of an RFID tunnel for sorting shipments.
  • Locating shipments - you can easily find transport baskets, bags with shipments and individual orders, because you can mark them with easy-to-locate RFID tags.
  • Vehicle management – you will gain control over a fleet of delivery vehicles in the parking lot, and thanks to RFID gates you will detect their direction of travel.

Application of RFID in parking lots

  • Automation of parking processes - you will speed up the process of issuing documents and save time by automating the calculation of vehicle weight and controlling the contents of its trailer.
  • Parking lot management – you will improve the process of verifying people entering and leaving the plant, and thanks to this, only the vehicles that should be on the premises will be on site.
  • Vehicle location – you can check the exact location of vehicles moving within and outside your logistics center on an ongoing basis.
  • Fee tracking – you gain control over payments for parking.
  • Safety control – you will automate the process of issuing passes and verifying the validity of drivers' health and safety training.