RFID for Service

Do you have a company that provides services, e.g. laundry? Implement an RFID system in your plants to provide your customers with positive experiences even more efficiently and effectively. Check what areas you can optimize with radio technology!

Application of RFID in laundries

  • Clothing security - with RFID tags you can easily check the condition and location of clothing, and thus find out about any lost items and prevent theft.
  • Quality control – you have access to every stage of clothing cleaning, which will allow you to detect possible process defects and prevent complaints.
  • Automatic identification and location - at any time you can check the stock level, control the stage of service implementation, learn about individual orders and find their storage location, thus speeding up the execution of orders.
  • Optimization of process parameters - you will find out how long each washing stage takes, what the water and cleaning agent consumption levels are, and thus check whether any stage requires optimization.
  • Durable tag – laundry RFID tags are resistant to chemical, mechanical and temperature factors.
    Management of washing stages - you have constant control over the course of the service and insight into the degree of their implementation.