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RFID for Manufactoring and Production

Faster inventory, simpler production monitoring and timely order fulfillment without defective products? All this is within reach in your company thanks to RFID technology. If you are still looking for a solution that will automate processes in your plants, capture every detail and guarantee full control over your products, you are in the right place.

Application of RFID in industry and production

Convince yourself that RFID systems in production and industry are the answer you have been waiting for for a long time.

Application of RFID in the warehouse

Inventory automation - you will shorten their duration several times, reduce the costs allocated to them and regain the time of employees who previously had to spend hours on this task.

Inventory control - you can quickly check the number of semi-finished products, products and goods at any time, thanks to which you will always replenish shortages on time and fulfill customer orders.

Order monitoring - you can easily monitor the progress of all orders, minimize the risk of errors when completing shipments and speed up their preparation time.

Automatic identification and location of products - you will forget about the problem of lost semi-finished products and products, because tagged items will be found by RFID readers, which will provide information about the location of the items you are looking for and their data.

Cost and time reduction - thanks to the automation of many processes, you will minimize the need to engage employees in selected tasks and reduce expenses to achieve high efficiency.

Product security - you can locate tagged products and goods immediately, and this will help you find out whether they have been stolen.

Application of RFID in manufacturing companies

Monitoring production processes - with RFID you gain knowledge about all processes in the company because you have a full record of the history of operations and process parameters.

Product identification and tracking - you will react faster to unplanned downtime, changes and shortages in warehouses thanks to always up-to-date reports on production progress, order status and warehouse stock.

Quality control - you will automatically recognize a batch of defective products, learn the conditions of their production, and thus avoid further mistakes in production and gain satisfied customers to whom you will deliver products on time that are 100% compliant with the design and their requirements.

Automation of production processes - you will shorten the production time, find bottlenecks better, i.e. downtime, and increase production.

Security - you can easily locate and identify tagged products, which will help prevent theft and avoid the risk of someone counterfeiting your products.

Cost and time reduction - you gain additional funds for the development of your company, which you save on the automation of inventory and monitoring of resources, and more time of employees who no longer have to deal with searching for lost elements, inventorying warehouses and registering each product.