RFID for automotive

Streamline your production process and increase the quality of your products and customer service in the automotive industry with RFID technology. With radio technology solutions, you will gain a smooth supply chain and control over all activities in your plants. Check what else the RFID system will do for your company!

Application of RFID in automotive dealers

  • Inventory control – the RFID system allows for constant insight into the inventory of spare parts and vehicles. Thanks to this, you can check at any time how many cars are in stock, which models are available and what their value is.
  • Monitoring test drives – you can easily keep records of which seller was the last to make the car available for a test drive, what time the vehicle left the site and when it returned.
  • Automation of service processes - when the driver arrives in a car with a permanent RFID tag, after entering the workshop, the RFID system will display information on the service technician's screen about what car has just arrived and what work needs to be performed.
  • Maintaining a service book - with RFID technology you have constant offline access to information about the last vehicle inspection, which allows for ongoing service work, and thus - ensuring the safety of drivers.
    Parking lot management - when the car has a permanent RFID tag, the system will "welcome" the driver when entering the service center. At the same time, it will show him the position to which he should drive or park.

Application of RFID in automotive factories and assembly plants

  • Vehicle assembly monitoring - you have insight into the vehicle assembly process in real time, so you know at what stage of production a given car is and you can easily check whether any of the processes have been omitted.< /li>
  • Control of delivery processes - you will gain control over warehouse receipts, you will quickly verify the correctness of supplies of materials and parts for the proper and continuous operation of the assembly plant. This will help you avoid production downtime due to shortages and incorrect orders.
  • Quality control - the RFID system reports will tell you exactly what elements are in a given car, at what stage they were used, and will also help you check whether there were any errors during production.
  • Tool monitoring – when you tag your tools, you can easily find out where each one is at any time, thus reducing the risk of theft and loss.
  • Warehouse management – thanks to inventory automation, you can quickly check current inventory levels, order missing items, avoid equipping the factory with excess inventory and better control the movement of goods.