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RFID for tourism and gastronomy

Ensure a good customer experience with the brand by controlling the quality, availability and timeliness of services. Gastronomy, tourism and hotel industry - in these industries you can do a lot with RFID technology. Check what the radio wave identification system will improve in your company.

Application of RFID in the hotel industry

  • Availability control – at any time you can easily find out about the status of hotel resources (bathrobes, bed linen, towels, etc.) and the need to order specific equipment.
  • Theft prevention – tagged items are easy to locate, and you will immediately know whether they are all within the hotel. Additionally, RFID readers will immediately detect when someone tries to take things out of the building.
  • Customer comfort - thanks to RFID readers, you will provide your customers with convenient ordering and payment for meals, check-in and check-out, and access to designated rooms.
  • Quality control – with RFID technology you can check the suitability of food and drinks on an ongoing basis, thanks to which you will provide your customers with only fresh meals and avoid losses related to expiration.