RFID Technology

RFID technology is an alternative to traditional readers and barcodes. It uses radio waves to identify and locate objects and people in the scanned place.

With RFID system:

  • you will automatically read information about an item as soon as it appears within the range of the reader’s antenna, e.g. when it moves along the production line, without the need to involve third parties,
  • you will collect data about products and goods yourself using stationary or mobile readers, e.g. when you receive them into the warehouse.

The RFID system allows you to identify objects in real time. Thanks to this, you receive current information about the location of items in the area that is part of the RTLS (Real Time Locating System).

RFID technology allows you to read over 1,000 products within 1 second. You will do this at a distance of several to even 100 meters between the scanning RFID device and the item tag (under optimal conditions).