RFID technology implementing process

At HADATAP, we will guide you step by step to the technological future of your company.


Free Consultation

You contact us by phone or fill out a short form on our website. Your call or notification is answered by a HADATAP consultant. You tell him what your company is struggling with. Together you choose the date that suits you best for us to audit your business.

Professional audit and local inspection

We take the next step. We audit your business:

  • we choose the area of operation;
  • we assess the validity and potential of using the RFID system;
  • we check the possibilities of implementing radio wave identification technology.

Technology tests

Designing technical solutions

Once we know the area in which you want to improve your company and the capabilities of your warehouses, production halls and stores, we prepare an action plan.
We describe places where we will use specific solutions, a list of necessary tools and a specific way in which RFID technology will improve your business.

Pilot implementation

To make sure that the RFID system works properly and will improve the selected area, we carry out a pilot implementation. We check the quality and effectiveness of his work on a small scale.
This is an optional solution.

Hardware production

We select and prepare the devices you need to optimize your business, and adapted to the capabilities of the buildings.

Software production

You will receive original software from us, designed to meet the needs of your company. We will integrate it with the systems you already use in warehouses, production and stores.

Proper implementation

When the pilot implementation is successful, we launch the RFID system in other areas and facilities of your company.

At this point, everything depends only on you – your willingness to use radio wave technology and achieve success with it.


For an RFID system to be beneficial, your employees should know how to use it. Therefore, we conduct training for them, thanks to which radio wave technology no longer holds any secrets from them.

Service maintenance

The certainty that everything works as it should is irreplaceable. Therefore, as our client, you receive professional RFID service. Our support engineers make sure that RFID technology works properly and is well integrated with existing solutions in your company.

You are provided with such care both under warranty and continuous maintenance.

Successive delivery of consumables

We know that as your company grows, you need constant access to new RFID elements. That’s why we offer you continuous sales of further system consumable parts.