RFID Applications

Hadatap, as a European leader in the field of knowledge of RFID technology and with a strong technical and strategic background, is ready to implement projects around the world, our knowledge and experience allow the implementation of even the most complex systems anywhere on earth.

RFID application

We are an integrator cooperating with many companies implementing installation projects in virtually every country, which allows us to implement technology wherever customers need it.

For many years, we have also been cooperating with companies on a partnership basis, where we support other entities in the field of RFID technology during implementations, which allows us to implement truly huge projects, and one of such companies is the Orange network operator.

Readiness to implement the most complex projects

We are aware of the problems that company managers face when wanting to improve and modernize them. We can say with full responsibility that we know how to improve production and logistics processes using IT solutions, including automatic remote identification techniques.

We also know that the more time passes since the implementation of an integrated IT system in an enterprise, the more business solutions move away from what can be achieved using newer IT technologies. This gap can be reduced by modernizing processes, IT systems and crew work organization. We have the knowledge how to do it achieving short and long-term effects.