RFID in Transportation

Do you transport people or goods? Improve your transport processes with RFID! This is a technology that will change everyday activities in your company, speed them up and increase their quality. See what exactly you will gain with radio identification in transport.

RFID in the railway industry

  • Tracking wagons – after tagging the locomotive and connecting the RFID system with GPS, you can easily locate individual wagons.
  • Documentation automation - you will limit activities related to document handling, reduce the number of errors in the system supporting rail transport and will manage the periodic inspections of rolling stock more effectively.
  • Inspection of the condition of locomotives - at any time you can check and identify rolling stock, learn about possible defects and upcoming inspection dates, thanks to which you will prevent, among others: downtime and number of repairs.
  • Efficient formation of trains – with RFID technology you will improve work in the area of formation and transfer of rolling stock.

RFID in aviation

  • Fleet management – with RFID you can easily locate individual aircraft, check their inspection dates and control their movement around the airport.
  • Luggage monitoring – thanks to RFID tags you will ensure the safety of your luggage. You can easily locate where they are stored, find out about missing items and find lost ones.
  • Improved security - you will assign employees access to specific zones and rooms, which will positively affect the safety of people staying at the airport and limit unauthorized entries.
  • Process automation – you will speed up and increase the quality of many processes, including more effective identity verification, more efficient check-in and boarding, and more streamlined payments. All this will have a positive impact on the comfort, satisfaction and safety of passengers.
  • Inventory control – you can check the amount of fuel, the number of replaceable elements and the condition of aircraft equipment on an ongoing basis, thanks to which you will react better and faster to shortages and avoid excess stocks.